Tank gauge system

Place of Origin:

Model Number: SANKI

FOB Price:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 70

Packaging Details: carton or wood

Delivery Time: 4-6weeks

Supplying Ability:

Our ATGs include SP series magnetostrictive probe and SS series console or SM controller. The probe adopts the latest magnetostrictive technology, which can accurately measure the product level, water level and temperature in tank. ATGs will help user with product level, water level, five-point temperature, inventory, delivery and sales information. Accurate measurement data ensures monitoring quality and greatly improve the efficiency. ★ Can our ATGs be interfaced to customer’s back office management system? Yes. SS series console open its communication protocol to various customers.It can interface to the back office system by RS232 port. All the ATGs data can be transmitted to back office to reach one step management of the station for customers. ★ Does our ATGs have compatible management software on office PC? Yes. PC remote is the remote management software. PC remote offer you complete management demands, providing accurate inventory, delivery and sales report, which is compatible with most types of POS system and management system. ★ What is ICP Box? ICP Box is the brief name of Intelligent Control Protection box for controlling the submersible pump. It works with smart console or SM controller (with PC remote). Once the oil product level reach under the customized level, ICP box will automatically disconnect the circuit of submersible pump to protect the equipment.