FMS for single gas station(Card Solution)

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Model Number: YS9511, YS9550, YS8590

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For single gas station
Solution Introductions:
The solution is designed for the single gas station with IC card dispenser, support of the IC card settlement. This solution is comprised of the gas station management system (YS9511/YS9550), IC card management system YS8590, IC card online self-service system (YS8597). It is able to complete the daily oil invoicing management of gas station, IC card customer management, IC cards customer online self-service.
Subsystem Introduction

IC card gas station management system(YS9511/YS9550)

If you have IC card dispenser, please choose YS9511,
the customer swipe card by dispenser’s IC card reader;
If you have ordinary dispenser, please choose YS9510,
the customer swipe card by the IC card reader
which is connect to the computer.
Ø        ï¼ˆdispensers and tank)Status monitoring
Ø        Daily operation
Ø        Information inquiry
Ø        Report management
Ø        Data transmission
Ø        Keyword management
Ø        IC card making
Ø        Unit customer management
Ø        Card daily operation
Ø        Inquiry and statistics of card
IC card management system YS8590
Ø        User card management
Ø        IC Card making
Ø        Secret key management
Ø        Group customer management
Ø        Card daily operation
Ø        Reports management
Ø        Inquiry & Statistics
Ø        System management
IC card online self-service system(YS8597)
It’s designed for the IC card customers who can print the bills or suspend the IC card over the network.
Ø        Bills of customer
Ø        IC card information inquiry
Ø        Suspend IC card online