FMS for chain gas station management of oil company

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Model Number: YS9511, YS8591, YS8592, YS8597, YS8800

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For chain gas station management of oil company


Solution Introductions:

In order to meet the demand of customer management and chain management of product oil retail industry, we has developed the complete system solution.

The solution is a comprehensive platform integrating retailing and customer information management. It consists of IC Card Gas Station Management System YS9511, IC Card Center Management System YS8591, IC Card Sale point System YS8592, Customer online Self-service System YS8597, and Retail Center Management System YS8800.

Material flow, capital flow, information flow and work flow form the main line and are organically combined in this system to actually realize a service management system based on Wide Area Network and Local Area Network. The system transforms large quantities of data into useful decision-making information with data warehouse technology and serves the decision-making process.


*The system can manage 100,000 gas stations in a network .

*We use CPU card which meet the financial security requirements as IC card.

*The system can connect with many brands IC card dispensers and tank gauges.

*Without computer, the dispenser can store 2000 refueling deals. So, even though the computer’s connection is failure, dispensers will work normally.

*The system can manage 100,000 deposit points in a network.

*The system can manage 100 million cards.

*You can use the system without geographical restrictions.